2018 Programme


All meetings are held in Room 6 at Farnborough Community Centre, 7.30 – 10pm.

If you have any queries about the programme please check with the secretary.

Please bring manuscripts/ work in progress with you to each meeting;

an electronic version will enable your work to be displayed on a projector for other members to read.





1 10 Jan Set Fullbrook Competition. [Judge – Jane]
2 17 Jan  
3 31 Jan  
4 14 Feb Set Reese Competition. [Judge – Louise]
5 28 Feb Close Fullbrook
6 14 Mar Writer’s Toolbox [Jennifer]
7 28 Mar Fullbrook Competition results
8 11 Apr Close Reese Competition/ Guest speaker Marion Field ‘Variety Spice of Life’ talk
9 25 Apr Set Founders Competition [Judge tbc]
10 9 May Reese Competition results
11 23 May Member speaker – Helen Matthews
12 6 June Storybox [Jane]
13 20 Jun Close Founders Competition
  Begin Jul Committee Meeting – AGM
14 4 Jul Set [tbc] Flash Fiction [Judge tbc] or Boursnell Competition
15 18 Jul Founders Competition results
16        1 Aug Set Hyde Competition [Judge – Mary]
17 15 Aug  
18 29 Aug  
19 12 Sept Close and judge Boursnell/ or close Flash Fiction Competition.

Deadline for motions for AGM

20 26 Sept Annual General Meeting
21 10 Oct Close Hyde Competition. Flash Fiction results.
  Oct Committee Meeting – 2019 Programme
22 24 Oct Set Verse Competition
23 7 Nov Hyde Competition results
24 21 Nov Quiz
25 5 Dec Close and judging of Verse followed by End of Year Festivity
  2 Jan Set Fullbrook Competition


Committee: –

Chair                                    Dean Hollands

Vice-chair                             Jennifer Riddalls

Treasurer                              Irma D’Souza

Secretary                              Louise Page

Minutes Secretary               Chris Berry

Without Portfolio                Jane Sleight, Sharon Berry


Competition entries – should be brought to the meeting before or on the night of the close of the competition. If you are unable to attend the meeting the entry may be sent to the Secretary to arrive BEFORE the day of closing the competition. We are unable to accept any entries post-closing date. Send to: Rushmoor Writers, c/o Mrs Louise Page, 4 Royal Court, Kings Rd, Fleet, Hants GU51 3EJ.



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