Rushmoor Writers aims to encourage, improve and promote writing and help members get their work published.


Membership of Rushmoor Writers is open to anyone aged 18 and over interested in writing. All members pay an annual subscription (to be decided at the AGM) at the start of the year.

Members who join partway through the year will be able to pay a reduced fee, pro-rated on a quarterly basis.

If you’re interested in joining Rushmoor Writers, we normally invite you along to a meeting first, so you can see what it’s like.

Paid-up members are encouraged to attend meetings, contribute to our website and social media pages, join our private Facebook group and take part in any Rushmoor Writers events.

We may limit group numbers as we want to make sure every member is able to read and get feedback on their work on a regular basis.


Meetings are currently taking place via Zoom. You can guess why.

At these meetings each member feeds back on the things they’ve been working on, along with any achievements.

The main part of the evening consists of members bringing their work and the rest of the group commenting on it. Members can bring whatever they like – an extract from a novel, a short story, an article, a piece of flash fiction, a poem, even a cover letter to an agent/publisher or back cover blurb.

All feedback is highly valued and the more people who comment the better, so that the writer gets a cross-section of opinions. Remember, writing is a subjective business. Comments should be constructive and point out the positives as well as the negatives. At the same time, don’t hold back or mollycoddle the writer. Be honest, just tactful. Criticism is essential for the improvement of our work.

Through the year we run occasional workshops, invite external speakers to come and talk to us about writing and publishing, and ask individual members to share their expertise. Members’ endeavours are recognised internally with an annual awards ceremony and celebration. Some of these awards consist of cups donated by former members.

There are also opportunities to get written feedback on your work from fellow members.


The Committee is responsible for how Rushmoor Writers is run, for representing the interests of the group, and for deciding the programme of events for the year. The Committee consists of the following roles:

  • Chair

The Chair will host meetings, welcome new members and represent the group externally where necessary.

  • Vice-Chair

The Vice-Chair will stand in when the Chair is unavailable.

  • Treasurer

The Treasurer will be in charge of the Rushmoor Writers community bank account and making sure any banking rules are complied with. They will be responsible for collecting membership subscriptions at the beginning of the year and when new members join. They will be responsible for making any necessary payments on behalf of the membership. They will produce a report of the accounts for internal audit.

  • Website Administrator

The Website Administrator will be in charge of maintaining the Rushmoor Writers website, coordinating contributions from members and, in conjunction with the Treasurer, ensuring that any website fees are paid.

The Committee has the option of appointing additional Committee members as required.

How money is held and spent

Rushmoor Writers is funded by the annual subscriptions paid by members. These funds are held in a community bank account on members’ behalf and will be used to pay for venue hire and website fees. Other periodic expenses will likely include external speakers, competition prizes and equipment replacements. Periodic expenses are to be agreed by the Committee.


An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will happen once a year in the autumn, normally September or October. The main purpose of this meeting will be to elect members of the Committee and decide the amount of the annual subscription for the following year. All members who attend will be able to vote on who they want to fill the Committee roles. The AGM will also be a good time to discuss any changes to the group and what members would like to see on the next year’s programme.

Website, Facebook group and social media pages

We have a website that members use to promote themselves and their work and share insights about writing etc. in the form of blog articles. The website also contains information about Rushmoor Writers, including membership details and the programme for the year. With members’ consent, publishing successes are recorded and promoted on the website. Members can also record their successes in the Rushmoor Writers Success Book.

We have a private Facebook group for members only, where members interact, ask questions, get feedback and post links.

We also run public Twitter and Facebook pages.