On January 10th 2020, Rushmoor Writers’ member C.R. Berry saw his first professionally published novel, Million Eyes, released as an ebook by Elsewhen Press.

Million Eyes is a fast-paced sci-fi conspiracy thriller for fans of Dan Brown, conspiracy theories and Doctor Who. Weaving in real events from history, Million Eyes follows two troubled characters who learn that a secret organisation is tampering with the timeline. Events incorporated into the story include the disappearance of the Princes in the Tower and the car crash that killed Diana, Princess of Wales. Million Eyes is the first in a trilogy and Berry is currently working hard on the sequel (which he’s reading at Rushmoor Writers’ meetings).

Elsewhen Press has a digital-first approach, which means Million Eyes is now available to buy (RRP £2.99) in all ebook formats. Here’s the link where you can grab a copy for your chosen platform: http://bit.ly/Million-Eyes. If you use Kindle, here’s a quick link for that.

The paperback will follow on March 9th 2020 and there is a launch taking place at Waterstones in Farnham, Surrey, on Friday 13th March. (Yes, he’s aware of the implications of that date and is hoping for the best.)

C.R. Berry also participated in an eight-day blog tour. The book got great reviews, with reviewers calling the book “shocking”, “tense” and “addictive”, with a “deliciously dark vein of humour”, and “much to offer historical fiction fans”. And despite being touted as a science fiction novel, it’s been enjoyed by several reviewers who don’t like or read sci-fi. More info on the blog tour here.

One of the bloggers published a Q&A with Berry, in case you want to know more about the creation of the book, the world, the genre and Berry’s thoughts on women and LGBTQ characters in this kind of fiction. You can read the Q&A here.

More info about the book is available from C.R. Berry’s website. And there’s a ‘mock’ website for Million Eyes, the villainous global conglomerate at the heart of the story, here.

Finally, he’s also released this stunning trailer!


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