One of our members Jane Sleight has published her novel which is available to pre-order from Amazon this week.

Launching on April 23rd, Faking It is a romantic suspense novel about love and industrial espionage, set in London.

​Juliet is the perfect PA who undertakes industrial espionage for her boss, drugging businessmen to search out their secrets. And she’s happy with that, living in her penthouse apartment overlooking the Thames and enjoying her London lifestyle of fine dining, theatregoing and nightlife. Even if it’s a solitary existence.

When the police show an interest in her activities, she finds herself questioning her choices and has to face some uncomfortable truths about her past. But it’s hard to escape her situation.

What will it take for her to realise she’s been faking it all her adult life?

And will she dare to change her life and take a shot at true happiness?

You can buy it here

For more information on Jane, here is her website  

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